Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rhino/Razorback Detailing

So I've been painting up quite a few Space Marines for a local escalation league. I pre-shaded as normal but I've taken quite an interest in battle damage. I never get to do any damage effects on my Eldar as my vision of them looks perfectly flawless... as if they just came out of a factory. plus its just doesn't fit them in my opinion. so when I pick up marines I try my best to make them look like they've been through a battle or two.

So anyways tell me what you think of the battle damage effects, they look better than the effect I used to do IMO.  However it almost looks like its made of cracked Grey marble

Also there is this nifty little program called Vassal that I'm sure you guys have heard of.  It allows you to play 40K or other war games on your computer with friends that are far away/random people.  I sounds like a great Idea on paper but in reality it ends up taking twice as long to play games, most people feel the need to run uber-competitive lists on there i.e.  razor spam, long fang spam ect. (myself included) most of the time I run my Saim-Hann jetbikes. however I scored probobly the most awesome roll a week ago. I swear on my life I cant roll over 3 dice on this program without getting at least one one.  You want proof, mmk here you go!

Yeah that's my roll... I have been play 40K for almost 6 years and the worst roll i have ever gotten IRL is only wound 3 terminators with a plasma cannon that direct hit 7 of them... then he made two five up invuls!  anyways whoever made Vassal did a crazy good job. I'm sure that thing took forever to make. I rarely play but you can comment if you wanna play a game.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Green Screen Tutorial! On the Cheap

If you want to take great looking photos of your mini here a great and cheap way to get a green screen.  First find your self a piece of green paper/Foam Sheet/anything flat, bendy, and most importantly... green.

Now lay it up against a wall so it covers the part where the wall and floor meet.
Here's the picture I took.

Take it into your editing program of choice, I'm using Photoshop. Do a little green screen magic and your done!

New Kid on the Block

          So I'm new to blogger but i''l try to keep updated.  With a little luck (and some help from you guys) hopefully I'll get a nice blog going.  Anyways if the blog title doesn't give it away, I play war games and that's what this blog is about.  I started way back in the end of my forth grade year, and now I just got back into after a long break. Right now I'm in high school so during the summer ill be more active, but ill still post a fair amount during the school year.

          Anyways, all I play as of now is Warhammer 40K. My friend and I are looking into WHFB and will probably start up an army in the near future. That's all for this post nothing too interesting but that should change soon.