Sunday, February 26, 2012

First of the NMM Grey Knights!

Today I ventured into NMM landfor the first time and ended up with this. What do you guys think?



 Still more work to be done, but This what i'll spend my time doing untill my Airbrush Nozzel arrives. Oh and sorry for the obscenely large pictures, photobuckets resize tool is being a bit moody. I need to fix the pommel and hilt of the sword but I think the blade looks awesome. Paint all the Grey Knights!


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  2. The sword is beautiful, and the NMM looks astounding itself. Is this all brushwork, since you are waiting on the Airbrush nozzle? If so, I can't paint blades for crap, so what's your technique...if you don't mind sharing.

    1. Yes, I did it by brush! Im' quite excited because I sent two whole AOBR marines into the Simple Green bucket before hand trying to achive this effect. Sure, I'll do a proper tutorial on it sometime soon, but for the blade I used

      GW Foundation Necron Abyss
      VGC White (GW Skull White)
      VGC Wolf Grey (GW Space Wolf Grey)
      VGC Glaze Medium

      Basecoat Necron Abyss

      I mixed in a little glaze medium each time I made a new mix of paint and I just layered with mixes of White and Necron Abyss. Edge highlight the blade with Wolf Grey and do some of the little streaks on the blade and your done!