Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whats better than a good ol' Land Raider Crusader to transport your sparky and his buddies into the fray? That would be a $30 Land Raider!


I was able to pick up a Land Raiser someone was selling for $30. Albeit this thing will require a bunch of attention, I don't mind that kind of thing. I was going to convert parts of the thing anyways so I figured if I had the Green Stuff out may as well save $36 and patch up a few holes.

First off I decided to take off everything on the front of the sides. I'll either try do a mural including the Red Scorpion icon, or I'll just do a big icon.


One of the major flaws was that there was a chunk taken out of the side sponson where it meets the tank. So to fix that I cut out some plasticard and kept fitting and shaping as necessary.


Eventually I got this, all I need to do is glue it in and smooth over the seams.

Thanks for reading, I should have another update soon!


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